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  • Urine analysis and culture
  • Blood test

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Urinary System Imaging

  • Urinary system Ultrasound
  • Urinary system MRI
  • Urinary system CT scan

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  • to measure the urine amount and the speed of urination by passing urine into a special collecting device. It helps to diagnose the cause of either slow urination or difficulty in urination.

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Urodynamic Study

It is an investigation of the lower urinary tract to describe

  • Reservoir function: ability of the bladder to contain urine
  • Continence function: ability of the urethra to hold urine in the bladder
  • Voiding function: ability of a coordinated interaction between the bladder and the urethra to secure a complete emptying of the bladder

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  • It is a procedure to identify any abnormality inside urethra and bladder

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  • It is an investigation to measure the pressures of the anal sphincter muscles, sensation in the rectum, and the neutral reflexes that are needed for normal bowel movements